About Edelweiss Pianos


The Norman family has been making some of the world’s most exquisite pianos for more than four decades.

In 1975—when Mr Norman, a physicist and professional concert piano tuner—decided to hand-craft his own pianos, the sceptics scoffed. But with an affinity for musicianship and the meticulousness of a true scientist, he embraced the artisanship of traditional piano-making—and founded 1066 Pianos.

Where other makers were set in their ways, 1066 led with innovation; engineering some of the finest-sounding masterpieces the piano world had ever seen. In 2008, 1066 Pianos launched the Edelweiss brand—an affordable piano, anyone could enjoy.

In 2016, Edelweiss launched the first dedicated, self-playing piano with full audio.

One of the most advanced acoustic pianos in the world, Edelweiss is an innovative new take on the traditional piano, combining classic design and traditional good looks with state-of-the-art, self-play technology.