#Edelweiss: The remarkable piano that plays along to music from your iPod

Edelweiss, is an all-in-one entertainment system from Cambridge, England. 

Fitted with the latest playback technology and a high fidelity speaker, an Edelweiss looks, sounds and plays exactly like a traditional piano, except—uniquely—it plays your favourite songs in full audio, via an accompanying iPod.

Swipe an app and the keys spring to life, with Elton John or Mozart, Norah Jones or Rachmaninov. Enjoy classical, jazz, ragtime, pop, rock, folk and much more, all accompanied with sonorous live piano. 

Your very own invisible virtuoso

With over 1000 variations in tone, timbre and nuance, playback from an Edelweiss piano is indistinguishable from a virtuoso piano concert performance.

Edelweiss is unique

Edelweiss is the only self-playing, traditional piano built specifically to provide live music on demand with full backing accompaniment. This means you hear the entire track and vocals, just as the original artist recorded it - but with live piano.

Designed by a family of piano makers

Priced from £9000 to £24,000, Edelweiss pianos are designed by a family who has been crafting traditional pianos for over four decades.  Their goal: beautiful but affordable pianos for music lovers everywhere.

Ross Norman, Director at Edelweiss says:

“Since my grandfather, a physicist, quit his job in 1975 to hand-build his own pianos—family life has revolved around the craft and the joy of live music. 

We still gather around the piano every weekend for a good old singalong. It’s a wonderful experience; and one we wanted to share when we designed Edelweiss.

Whether you play the piano, or not, we hope to bring the joy of live music back to living rooms everywhere.  An Edelweiss literally brings the concert to you—whether relaxing at home with friends, or enjoying afternoon tea in the lobby of an elegant hotel.

And for those who don’t play… once they hear the soulfulness of live piano played with such outstanding technical ability - they might just be inspired to learn. That’s our hope, anyway.”

A piano to fit any room

The Edelweiss range includes three upright pianos and three grand pianos—from baby to concert grand—to suit all tastes and all room sizes.  Available in black or white lacquer, with a handsome high gloss finish.

Plus, for the person who wants a piano to perfectly match their surroundings, a bespoke design service allows for a huge range of styles, colours and finishes.



Notes to editors:

How does an Edelweiss piano sound? Edelweiss pianos have an unmistakable European tone and impressive dynamic range. This is thanks to the solid spruce German ‘Strunz’ soundboard—built using Spruce wood from the high elevation Alps—and world-class green ‘Abel’ hammers.

How does an Edelweiss piano work? A bank of precision electronic solenoids, invisibly built into the piano accurately plays the selected music as originally recorded. The system is almost invisible and does not affect the playability of the piano whatsoever. Each piano comes with its own iPod, built into a hidden drawer.

What does an Edelweiss piano play? Each Edelweiss piano comes with an iPod pre-programmed with 400 songs—from classical solo piano to jazz, country, pop and rock. Thousands more songs are available to download.

Where are Edelweiss pianos made? An Edelweiss starts and ends its journey in Cambridge, England. Using German parts and Chinese assembly, each piano is meticulously hand-finished using time-honoured techniques. Master craftsmen voice, tune, regulate and polish each piano, until the best possible dynamic response and finish is achieved.


About Edelweiss Pianos


The Norman family has been making some of the world’s most exquisite pianos for more than four decades.

In 1975—when Mr Norman, a physicist and professional concert piano tuner—decided to hand-craft his own pianos, the sceptics scoffed. But with an affinity for musicianship and the meticulousness of a true scientist, he embraced the artisanship of traditional piano-making—and founded 1066 Pianos.

Where other makers were set in their ways, 1066 led with innovation; engineering some of the finest-sounding masterpieces the piano world had ever seen. In 2008, 1066 Pianos launched the Edelweiss brand—an affordable piano, anyone could enjoy.

In 2016, Edelweiss launched the first dedicated, self-playing piano with full audio.

One of the most advanced acoustic pianos in the world, Edelweiss is an innovative new take on the traditional piano, combining classic design and traditional good looks with state-of-the-art, self-play technology.